Getting More Affordable Dental Care With Transparency

Transparency in dentistry could lead to more affordable dental care

Say hello to “transparent dentistry,” your ticket to more affordable dental care. Taking advantage of transparent dentistry can help you understand dental procedures and their respective price tags – ensuring you get exactly what you want at a price you can afford.

What does “transparent dentistry” actually mean?

“Transparent dentistry” is when a dental clinic gives you an element of inclusiveness and control over your procedures, treatment options and associated costs.

Not everyone practices transparent dentistry. You may be accustomed to visiting a dentist and undergoing an exam. If you need some dental work done, the dentist may briefly describe what was going to be performed, and then he/she would get to work.

Technological advancements have changed the game.

Now, we can show you a blown up digital x-ray to indicate exactly where the potential trouble spot it. Our discussions can become more involved, as we now have tools to show you the effect of what we recommend.

We’ve even mounted mirrors on the overhead lights, allowing you to view your own procedures.

While these are just a couple of examples, they illustrate the way modern dentistry can make you an active participant in the process (besides just being the patient). This gives you a higher dental IQ, making you a smarter patient and giving you more control over your dental choices.

Catering to Your Needs

So how can you benefit from transparent dentistry and a higher dental IQ?  You might have little interest in understanding their dental work, and that’s fine.

However, we believe involving you in your dentistry is extremely beneficial. The reason primarily boils down to choice.

The more you understand the reasons behind various procedures and the options available to you, the better a dentist can cater the treatment to your exact needs.

For instance, you might be interested in Invisalign treatment. As a smart patient who wants to make a sound investment, you’ll likely have some questions, such as the obvious “will it work” and “what kind of results can I expect?”

With more information, you’ll get your answer.  For example, Invisalign works with providers to create a video that illustrates how your teeth will shift throughout the process. You can review that video to decide if you think it’s the right treatment option given the projected results.

Besides determining if the procedure is exactly what you want, there is also a financial benefit to transparent dentistry.

Using Transparent Dentistry to Save Money

Dentists are somewhat unique in that you pay for exactly what you get.  For example, a dentist will be able to tell you exactly what a procedure costs, such as a root canal.  That kind of transparent pricing is not all that common in the medical world.

Transparent dentistry also gives you an active choice in your treatment options. Often, there are several ways a dentist could fix a problem, some more expensive than others. Having the ability to choose the procedure that fits your budget is crucial, especially for uninsured patients.

We’ll use a tooth replacement as an example. There are three ways we could approach a tooth replacement, each with a different price tag. We save the tooth with a  root canal, post and crown (least investment in the short term), remove and replace a tooth with a bridge using the adjacent teeth (mid-range investment in the short term), or place a dental implant (highest investment in the short term).  Each of these options afford you different chewing, aesthetic and upkeep experiences. You make the choice.

In addition to the short-term costs, there are long-term costs associated with the various treatment options. It’s important to give you all the information so you can make the smartest decision to fit your long-term health and financial goals.

New technological advancements in dentistry allow us to involve you in your treatments like never before. Transparent dentistry provides you with an exact price for the procedure. Take advantage of this information – it’s good for your dental health and your wallet.

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Dr. Russell Christian

Dr. Russell Christian, DDS, is the owner of Family Dental Care, based in Mount Horeb, WI.