Financial Arrangements

We’re Financially Flexible

We strive to be clear and comprehensive in all aspects of care so you don’t have to wonder what the big picture is, so you can plan well for the long term.

We Offer Many Options for Your Dental Investment

We approach your investment to quality dental care in an empathetic manner. Even before discussing finances, we spend time determining the causes of dental problems which may be prevented and diagnose treatment options which when completed, will reduce future costs. Dedicating our approach to increasing the predictability of your dental health and financial stability truly benefits all.

Some of your options for making payments include:

  • Receiving an account discount (from 10% to 20%) by pre-paying or paying at the time of treatment.
  • Monthly payments which may be interest-free for one year.
  • In addition to allowing cash and check payment, we also accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express.
  • You may even arrange payment by pre-authorizing your credit card or use Direct Check, which electronically withdraws directly from your checking account.

Specifics of our financial options are clear and easy to understand. We are creative in customizing a way for you to be able to benefit from the best dental care.

We Accept Dental Insurance

We offer many services to help our patients with their dental benefits. These include verifying your coverage by calling your employers dental benefit provider, receiving estimates from that company, learning and disclosing specific parameters of coverage, tracking estimates of yearly benefit allowance, filing your insurance claims, waiting for the portion of payment expected from your insurance company, and protecting our patient’s best interest by promoting better treatment options.

We accept Delta, WEA, and most dental benefit companies. If you are interested in potentially improving your current coverage, try contacting the WDA to learn more about Direct Reimbursement, which is less complicated and less restrictive than many traditional dental benefits.

If Don’t Have Dental Insurance

Almost half of our patients do not participate in an employer sponsored dental benefit plan. We are accustomed to working with our patients to find something that works for them to achieve optimal dental health for the long term.

If you are interested in learning more about a potentially better dental plan, inquire at the Wisconsin Dental Association regarding Direct Reimbursement, an efficient dental plan which patients love because of its flexibility, employers love because of its cost-effectiveness, and dentists love because of its simplicity.

Feel free to call our Mount Horeb office at 608-437-5564 with further questions regarding dental insurance and our payment options or to set up a 10 minute no-charge consultation to discuss your needs.


We accept Care Credit. To learn more about Care Credit and spreading out payments interest free click here: