Kids’ Corner

We believe in customizing to all of our patient needs, especially children, who we are committed to forming a lifelong comfort level with a positive dental office experience.

This begins early in our waiting room with an area scaled to their size and interests, including seating, television, video games, books, and even wallpaper that is drawable with dry-erase markers.

Another area for the kids to check out provides special tooth cleaning devices, stickers, balloons, and toys to continue to reinforce the fun of their visit.

Click on the links below and print a page to color.

Brushing Chart – track your daily brushing habits. Complete the page and get a REWARD from Dr. Russ!

Dots – connect the dots to find out who had a dental checkup!

2x2_TIMER_1 – keep this handy reminder by your toothbrush and check the box after each time you brush.

wordsearch – help the HIPPO find the dental words.

ToothFairyColoringSheet – color the design and cut the tooth fairies on the dotted lines to create your own fairies.

SP_NUTRITION_MATCH – draw a line from the food items to the proper place on the plate (in Spanish).

SP_NAMES_OF_TEETH – help K9 learn the different kinds of teeth (in Spanish)

SP_CROSSWORD_2014 – Spanish crossword puzzle

SP_COLORING_SHEET – Spanish coloring sheet

SETS_OF_TWO – identify the items that come in twos

PUPPET_SHOW – color the pictures, cut them out, and create your own puppet adventure!

NUTRITION_MATCH – draw a line from the food items to the proper place on the plate.

NAMES_OF_TEETH – help K9 learn the different kinds of teeth.