The Team

Jamie – Hygienist

Jamie came to know Dr Christian in 2010 while she was working as a temp-dental hygienist. She continued to work as a temp/fill-in hygienist for Dr Christian and other Madison area offices through 2017, as she was enjoying the flexibility of hours while raising her two sons. In early 2018 Jamie found that she was now looking up at her older son—6’ tall at age 14—and decided that it was time she could go back to working more regularly. Luck would have it that Dr Christian had the need for such a position and Jamie has been a happy member of his team since February 2018.

Jamie discovered her interest for dentistry while still in high school. During her senior year she was given the opportunity to work part-time in a dental office while receiving school credit. Directly following high school Jamie moved to Madison and began to pursue he interest in dental hygiene at Madison College. She graduated from the dental hygiene program with honors from Madison College in 2001. Shortly after graduation she spent six months working with a temp-dental hygiene company where she was given the experience of working in several different offices around the Madison and Milwaukee area. Jamie ended up spending eight years with an office in Middleton where she began to focus her practice in the area of periodontics, and has maintained her focus in the area of periodontics ever since.

Jamie lives on the west side of Madison. She enjoys long walks, kayaking, riding her one-wheel, loves sunny days, and enjoys being a home-body spending time with her family and cuddling up with her animals.

Shawn Bollig – Business Manager, Reiki Master, Holistic Health, Nutrition & Mental Wellness Coach

Shawn combines 20+ years of experience as a business owner/operator, health, nutrition, fitness, energy & emotional wellness coach.

Shawn’s business management and coaching talents translate into the dental field beautifully by being able to lead with empathy and compassion and add a coaching service not provided by any other dental office to be able to remove patient’s emotional triggers to finally overcome their dental fears.

Shawn also understands the important connection of dental health with overall health. Oral health is a window to the health inside of your body. For example multiple studies have shown that people who have great oral health have a significantly reduced risk of heart disease. Coach Shawn and Dr. Christian are excited to treat the entire patient to give them the biggest impact in not only their dental health but overall health. Shawn is excited to be able to add to the patient experience as well as offer additional services in nutrition and empowerment to help patients feel their best.

Shawn is the author of the book Screw Stress due to be released in 2024. She is a mother of three successful adult daughters. Lives in Mount Horeb with her husband, Doug, and her dog, Jovie. She enjoys hiking, traveling the world, volunteering at her local Rotary Club, growing her own organic food on her aeroponic gardens, playing softball, volleyball and golf year-round with her friends and family.