Your Comfort Is Most Important To Us

We find it natural to be somewhat nervous regarding dental treatment. We begin our empathetic approach by reducing usual causes of nervousness such as fear of the unknown, not feeling in control of a situation, or mistakenly thinking that the dentistry of the past is the same as that of today. Getting to the cause also proves helpful in predictable dental health by being preventive.

One of our most important objectives is to help you to be comfortable physically, mentally, and financially.

Ensuring Your Physical Comfort

Physically, we first offer numbness for any procedure suspected to be even slightly sensitive during dental care. Secondly, we maintain the time for you in our schedule to allow numbness to fully take effect. Third, we recheck to verify sufficient anesthesia before beginning treatment. Lastly, we allow open communication so you can stop any procedure for any reason.

Dr. Christian has pursued continuing education in order to offer the appropriate type and method of anesthetic specific to your needs. He has represented a company which offers a specific system of delivery which is effective when conventional anesthetic is not. Dr. Christian has been referred by patients and other practitioners who have had difficulty numbing and prides himself in simple, easy anesthesia for children.

Your Mental Comfort: Empathy Is What It’s Really About

We always make sure that you know that if you need a break during a procedure all that is necessary is raising your hand. If you raise your hand, we will stop whatever we are doing and focus on your needs, even if you just have a question.

Laughing Gas Can Give You a Sense of Relief

We offer laughing gas (nitrous oxide), which can aid in relaxation. Nitrous oxide is a gas which does not interact with other medications and is completely out of your system in minutes following your procedure.

We Can Help You If You Have a Dental Phobia

We’ve had many successes helping people who experience extreme dental phobia. At your initial visit, we always address individual concerns, no matter how insignificant you think they may be. We will be happy to discuss other options to maximize your personal comfort.

Financial Comfort: We’re Financially Flexible

We strive to be clear and comprehensive in all aspects of care so you don’t have to wonder what the big picture is, so you can plan well for the long term.