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We enjoy hearing about our customers’ experiences, how we put them at ease and in some cases, impacted their lives.  We welcome the opportunity to talk to potential new customers about our approach and how we might be able to impact your life!  Call us today to set up a first appointment.

Jill Richter

Dr. Christian has always provided me with the
best dental care I could imagine.
After having other dentists earlier in
my life, I have always felt uncomfortable
with a visit to the dentist.
Dr. Christian sets my mind at ease
and truly addresses my concerns and fears.
My children and I will recommend
Family Dental Care
for those seeking a great dental experience.

Kenny Bartz

I will start by saying that after 8 years of braces , I believe I have more dental anxiety than the average person. When I first came to Dr. Christian it had been about four years since my last cleaning, primarily because of braces. I chose Dr. Christian because I worked for a company that worked on his new offices and I was very impressed by the type of atmosphere he was creating for his patients. My first exam was nothing what I was expecting. I think because it had been so long and because of my professional background, I was skeptical of what I was being told about the condition of my mouth and the recommended treatment. After initially wanting my money back and go to a different provider, I decided to stick it out.
The service and compassion from the entire staff was something I didn’t appreciate until I had an insurance change and decided to try someone closer and a provider for my insurance. Long story short, after my first visit at the other dentist, I was making my next appointment back at Dr. Christian’s. Literally I walked out, told them I didn’t have my calendar to make my next appointment, and in my car from the parking lot, called Tina and told her “I’m coming back.” It took me less than five minutes in another dentist’s chair to realize Dr. Christian has something special here. Something that is difficult to detail unless you have been to another dentist. The care and preventive treatment is second to none. The other facilitie’s hygienist commented on how good my fillings look and actually missed it on her evaluation…missed it, only saw it on the x-ray!! I have no doubt that Dr. Christian will find issues sooner and at less cost to tooth structure and your pocket book. On the surface it may look like nit picking or cost gouging, but in the end you will save money and be more satisfied with your smile. I actually have convinced my wife to drive the other direction from where we work to come to Dr. Christian.

Guenther and Victoria Kolb

When we first moved to the Mt. Horeb area over 22 years ago we were confronted with finding a new dentist. It was necessary that the dentist
we would choose would accept our insurance benefits. Eventually we
were most fortunate in being referred to Dr. Russell Christian. We honestly felt we would never find another dentist as well qualified, knowledgeable and pleasant than our long time dentist in our former hometown was. Dr. Christian has met all of these qualifications and more. We are more than confident in his abilities and skills as a dentist. Our confidence is certainly justified because of the fact that he continually furthers his education by keeping abreast of and actively practicing in the latest procedures and updates in the dental field.**

In addition it is a pleasure for us to meet our scheduled appointments in a most homelike and warm reception area where we are always greeted by an exceptionally professional, caring, helpful and friendly staff. His dental staff technicians show their expertise by always being able to answer any dental questions and being able to explain what they are doing or have done.

Not only are we most fortunate in having Dr. Christian as our dentist but
Mt. Horeb is also most fortunate in having Dr. Christian as a resident and professional asset to the community. The commendable contribution of his time and talents is evidenced by his tireless participation in community activities.

Again – we cannot emphasize how fortunate we were in being referred to
Dr. Russell Christian.

Guenther and Victoria Kolb

**As an example of his continual professional updates we would like to mention that we recently read an article written by a board certified heart physician. In this article the author wrote about oral health and the heart – and – the importance of using antibiotics in the care of the teeth. We had not always believed in the importance of using antibiotics for dental procedures and were very pleased that Dr. Christian always has been adamant concerning their use.

Bob and Phyllis Kauffman

The Kauffman family is delighted to have this opportunity to say thanks for FAMILY DENTAL CARE for permitting us to write this and for taking very good care of our teeth. We believe in the idea, “an ounce of prevention….”. Russell’s father and mother, Lauren & Nelda, have been good friends of ours for a lonnnnng time and we were confident that due to Russell’s excellent genes he would just have to be a very fine and competent dentist…..and he is and more. We enjoy coming to Mt. Horeb (except when the roads are covered with ice and snow), always enjoying Russell’s personal and professional way with us, and just as important, we have really enjoyed getting to know Tena, Chris, Heather and the others there because they all treat us like family. Yes, we are fully aware that we pay for this relationship and that they all get paid for these favors but we sincerely believe they do genuinely enjoy and care just as much for our friendship as they do for our health… and our payment checks. The best we can offer for this testimonial is to say that we have and will continue to recommend FAMILY DENTAL CARE to our family and friends.

Betty Chewning

I drive all the way from Madison through

rain, sleet, and snow

to have my teeth cared for by Dr. Christian and his great staff.

(Chris, Sheila, and the rest of crew).

The professionalism and friendly atmosphere give comfort and confidence when it is most needed.

I mean who really want to come to a dentist?!

Does it seem to strange to say, “I do.”

Cozy space and CNN to boot!

Having tested the outcomes of care here for 5 years, I’ve never been disappointed…no lingering discomfort from “caps”, no problem with bites, and quick resolution of tooth problems when I chipped a tooth.

In short, Tena, Carrie, Sheila, Heather, Kayla, Rose, & Russ – Thank you!


Betty Chewing – Fan of the Tooth Magicians

Debby Jacoby

What can I say about Dr. Christian? Not many people like going to see their Dentist, but I do.

 He is very good at what he does. He knows his patients and

he takes great pride and treats all like family.

 Maybe that why it’s called Family Dental.

I love the work he has done on my teeth and my smile. I’ve even told my sister and her daughter,

they love him too.


But where would he be without his great staff. I love all of them, they are great.

I trust Dr. Christian and his staff

with the health of my teeth, gums, and mouth.

I thank them so very much.

See you all soon.


Debbie Jacoby

Erin White

Along with great professionalism,
the staff at Family Dental Care
is always a pleasure to deal with.
Thank You

--- Erin White

Jane Roberts

I can finally say, going to the dentist is

not a bad thing anymore.

 The staff and Dr. Christian take the time to explain things so I understand

what is going on.

It is hard to find a dentist you are comfortable

with, but I have been very lucky

and found mine.


I would recommend him

to everyone who needs and wants

good dental care.


                     --- Jane Roberts

Jen Maier

I’ve been going to Dr. Christian for dental work for about 12 years now.  I’ve always been impressed with the level of care I’ve received.  They use the latest technology to bring their patients top-quality dentistry. I love that I only need to make a single appointment for a crown as they create the crown during the appointment- very handy when you run a busy schedule.  I have never experienced difficulty with any of the work Dr. Christian does.  It just shows his dedication and expertise. Thank you for your knowledge and care.

Jen Maier

Julie Krbec

I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Christian and the whole gang at Family Dental.  Everyone is so friendly and happy to be there that it makes for a really inviting and positive environment. I feel like I’ve gotten to know the staff and enjoy catching up with them when I come in for appointments.  And the office itself is very warm and calming, which I find helps ease my nerves and keeps me relaxed.  And perhaps most importantly, I feel that Dr. Christian does an excellent job of not only taking good care of my teeth, but also of connecting with me as a patient and making my visits something to look forward to, which I can’t say is something I’ve ever done before when it comes to dental work.  What a nice change!  And in the event that I may need some additional work done, I completely trust Dr. Christian to let me know my options, explain what would be best, and do a truly great job with whatever needs to be done.

While I know their primary concern is to do an excellent job taking care of my teeth, it seems that they are equally concerned with making sure I am relaxed, comfortable, and knowledgeable about what is going on, which really helps to put me at ease and takes away some of the anxiety that I tend to have with these kinds of appointments.  I had a cavity filled recently, and I remember being quite nervous about the appointment beforehand.  But when it came time to do the filling, everything went so quickly and smoothly, and Dr. Christian calmly told me step by step what he was doing and what he would do next so that nothing came as a surprise. I remember being shocked when he told me he was all finished. It was so simple and painless and was nothing at all to be worried about!  What a relief!

Whenever the topic of dentists comes up among my friends I am quick to let everyone know that I have the best dentist around, and if they aren’t happy they should consider switching.  I just feel lucky to have found a great place to have my teeth taken care of, and I really think everyone should be this happy!

Julie Krbec
happy patient since 2002

Larry Czosnek

I first used Family Dental Care in the late 1990’s after moving from LaCrosse, WI.  I was very impressed with the check in process.  

From the questions asked it was apparent to me that Dr.Christian was concerned with more than just filling my teeth; he was concerned with my total health.

Dr. Christian has impressed me throughout the years with how he has improved his practice to better assist his patients.  An example would be one step visit for caps.

About three years ago, I was told I had to have eight teeth removed, but Dr. Christian called the other doctor and he only removed four teeth.  His latest improvement is the payment plan.

                                          ---Larry Czosnek

Marty Leglar

My wife recently woke up at midnight with severe tooth pain.  We called the Family Dental Care Hotline, and within a few minutes we were speaking with Dr. Christian, who prescribed medication immediately, and performed a root canal the following day.

We couldn’t be more satisfied with the care received.

I recently had 2 fillings and was also very pleased with the entire experience.

To the class of 2010:  
Remember to Brush and Floss!

Marty Leglar


Dr. Christian and his staff
have made “going to the dentist”
a pleasant experience.
 They are very professional
 in a friendly environment.
Even my 8 year old likes them.

                   --- Patti

Shan Thomas

I’ve been coming to Family Dental Care for 2 years.  I have lived all over the country and have never had just exceptional dental care.  Everyone is unfailingly helpful and pleasant.  As an “older” person I am especially concerned about the health of my teeth.  Their care could not be in better hands.

Shan Thomas    December, 2010

Karen McKay

My name is Karen and I would like to
tell you a little bit about why I think that Dr. Christian
and his staff at Family Dental Care are by far
the best dentist in Mt. Horeb.
In the past 2 ½ to 3 years I have had root canals,
crowns and now at a point
that I am only going for routine cleanings and check ups. Dr. Christian has repaired my teeth
and I would definitely recommend him to my family and friends. Thanks for being a great dentist.

Karen McKay

Lynn Peter

“Dr.Christian and staff provide exemplary care

with state-of-the-art skill and professionalism.

          I wouldn’t trust my dentistry care to anyone else!”

                                    ---Lynn Peter

Mark Rooney

A complicated crown was

skillfully prepared and installed

with a minimum of difficulty

and a maximum of professionalism.

Thanks Dr. Russ, Kayla, and Rose

for a job very well done.


                     ---Mark Rooney