Dental Implants

Replacing A Tooth With A Dental Implant

With the ability to replace missing teeth with teeth which look and feel natural, the future of dental reconstruction has truly arrived. Teeth replaced by dental implants do not need to be removed at night, do not need to be removed to clean, and can even be stronger than your original teeth.

The procedure involves our referral to an oral surgeon we know and trust, who can place a titanium cylinder where your tooth root used to be: in essence, a dental implant is replacement of the root portion of your missing tooth. Following the healing and formation of an actual biological connection between your jaw and your new titanium root, Dr. Christian can secure a titanium neck onto the implant, and complete your tooth with a new natural-looking porcelain crown.

In addition to dental implant teeth looking and feeling natural, they are maintained like natural teeth as well. Due to a high school sports accident, Dr. Christian actually has a dental implant-supported tooth in his own mouth.