Tooth Whitening

1-visit & take-home teeth whitening

The philosophy and practical application resulting in restoring and creating the most beautiful and healthy smile is also easily realized by viewing our mission and objective or before and after photos.
An example of this relationship between practicality and beauty is presented in the realization with our objective of “conservation of tooth structure.” When we can conserve more tooth structure, we’ll be able to more easily produce a more natural-looking result. Likewise, porcelain like materials, which have properties more similar to tooth structure, look more natural. Certain types of cosmetic restoration material can also most strongly bond teeth together, many times preventing the need for a crown later.

In our office, we begin the diagnostic steps of your care by pursuing a functional result, a healthy smile which can chew for a lifetime. From this point, we can follow your lead and have time to meet your cosmetic wishes.

Example of practicality regarding teeth whitening:

Let’s say you need an all-porcelain crown for a broken front tooth, you may wish to whiten your teeth to their naturally whitest shade first. If you decide not to whiten your teeth first, your porcelain crown will not darken with time, but your teeth will, resulting in your teeth and crown being different colors in the future. If you whiten your teeth first to your ‘most natural whiteness’ and have the lab fabricate your crown to match, then you can easily re-whiten your teeth in the future to keep that most natural and white smile.

Which teeth whitening delivery method works most predictably?

It seems like you can find the words “whitening” on almost any product. In order to make this claim, all that is necessary is to include an amount of material the FDA has approved as a teeth whitening agent, not necessarily in an effective dose, concentration, or delivery method.

Our Mt Horeb WI office team can provide the service of effectively whitening your teeth by utilizing the type of material and way to get you the most predictable result. We offer in-office and take home whitening systems. We can provide an exam and give you the pros and cons of these two options to customize to your dental health, specific wants, and budget.