Root Canal Therapy

Helping a Sore Tooth: Root Canal Therapy

As much folklore surrounds root canal therapy as exists for any professional technique. Reasons for historical concern probably emanate from lesser technology and perhaps less empathy than is available to you today in our office. You can and will be numb and pain-free during this procedure, just as you would be for a filling or any other dental treatment here.
 We can treat all tooth types, including molars, as a last chance to save a badly damaged tooth. Usually we are able to accomplish this therapy in one visit. The way we take the time to give you the best result as well as complete the proper treatment in a timely manner, is by utilizing exciting newer dental technology. We have specialized instruments for measuring the tooth, the strongest instruments for cleaning bacteria from inside the tooth, and antibacterial medicines which help the tooth heal naturally, to name a few. We have sought much of the same tools and training that an endodontist, a root canal specialist, uses. A comfortable process and excellent result is what you can expect when you are here.