1-Visit Crowns near Madison WI

If a tooth is broken or a larger proportion of a tooth is missing, sometimes the appropriate treatment is a crown or cap. In our office, many newer techniques prevent the need for a crown, which basically replaces the enamel of the tooth with a new, stronger outer shell.

Check out our practice objectives, including conserving tooth structure to see how we can offer alternatives to crowns when possible.

We can protect or rebuild a broken down tooth using a wide variety of crown material options, ranging from gold to all-porcelain. One of the most common choices has recently in dental history become all-porcelain. These newer crowns exhibit many advantages over prior metals and porcelain, a real breakthrough in modern dentistry.

Cerec 1-visit crowns

In our office we can also make cerec all-porcelain crowns in 1 visit. No need for impressions, temporaries, or extra trips.  In addition, using our glazing porcelain oven, we can custom match unique colors and characteristics which can make your new tooth look alive and match it’s neighbors in your existing smile.

Have you ever seen someone smile, revealing a black line along the gumline around the edge of a crown?

This is because a previous breakthrough in dentistry, which took place in the 1950s, involved fusing porcelain to a metal core. With porcelain fused to metal crowns, not only does the edge of the metal show as black, but they also many times have an opaque appearance. All-porcelain crowns feature a very strong porcelain core which is tooth colored at the gumline and allows light to shine through, giving a natural tooth-like translucenary. Follow-up diagnosis is also improved due to increased visibility of this material on dental x-rays.

Our lab and our office stands behind this material with an unprecedented guarantee. They warrantee against material fracture for five years. If one of these crowns were to fracture, it could be replaced without even having to make another impression.

We do not expect and very seldom experience material failure of any chosen material in our office, especially crowns. Dr. Christian cemented five all porcelain crowns for his own mother with fantastic results.
See only the best materials to find out more about the detailed process Dr. Christian uses to determine which materials and techniques are good enough for our patients.