Practice Objectives

Regarding Your Teeth:
To strengthen and conserve tooth structure.
Regarding Your Gums:
To respect the periodontium by educating preventively, offering nonsurgical treatment options and not impinging restoratively.
Regarding Your Potential:
To diagnose and treat independently yet mindful of insurance influence.
Regarding Our Employees, Your Advocates:
To employ an experienced and motivated dental team with minimal staff turnover.
Regarding Continued Learning
To continue professional learning throughout the entirety of our careers.
Regarding Your Comfort
To help our patients to be comfortable physically, mentally and financially.
Regarding Clear Communication
To allow an environment for open, written, and interpersonal communication without surprises.
Regarding Prevention of Dental Disease
To educate our patients regarding the causes of their dental problems.
Regarding Your Treatment Options
To inform our patients of the value of their treatment options.
Regarding Longevity of Your Health
To promote treatment which is most predictable and cost-effective for the long term.
Regarding Esthetics of Your Smile
To provide the option of the most natural looking and feeling restoration.